I’m going to be spend the next little while learning GDScript with a view to developing educational games and apps using Godot. I’m also going to be learning some Lua with my kids, building and releasing Minetest modules here once we get up to speed. If you want to get in touch or send me some encouragement I’m @phrees@mastodon.social.


  • My First Minetest Crafting Recipe

    Successfully put together my first Minetest crafting recipe. Very simple but deeply satisfying.

  • I'm Also Going To Be Learning Lua

    The kids love playing MineTest so we’re going to be learning Lua together to make some mods for the game. DD wants to dragons while DD is all about guns and explosions. We’ll be starting with the basics though and putting together small collections of cutom blocks.

  • Covid

    Well I started this blog with good intentions and then Covid got me. A week in bed followed by a few weeks of really not having the energy I used to. I’m back up and about now but still get fatigued in the middle of the day. It takes a while. Should start producing next week.

  • I'm Going To Learn Godot

    I’m teaching myself Godot with a view to developing educational applications and games. In this blog I’m going to document my progress, describe the resources I find useful and share some code snippets.

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